Across the entire European continent, all the parking sites are paid whether high or low in prices. Especially when you are looking for a parking space in the center, you’ll never be able to manage to get a low-priced parking space. For that reason, getting Car parking services in Greece from a reputable source like 5 Stars Parking becomes essential. Also, when you park your car at a defined location make sure you are doing it perfectly. As the fines are quite high in comparison to other places. In this blog, we are going to discuss the major and most recorded parking regulations in the region of Greece.

What are the specifications for parking in Greece?

Beginning with the?

  1. White, Blue and Yellow Color Markings
    In Greece, parking spots are denoted by three colors: white, blue, and yellow. Many European cities use this scheme:
    • Free parking locations are denoted by white markers.
    • Parking lot services for the paid zones are indicated by the color blue.
    • Yellow markers denote special vehicle zones, where parking is prohibited.

    Athens is the capital of Greece, therefore except for the capital, all cities use this color scheme. The color scheme is entirely different in the capital Athens.

  2. Outdoor Public Parkings

    Outdoor parking lots are the most handy for travelers who want to see the city. If you park your car for a few hours, there is usually an English-speaking staff, clear payment terms, and a reasonable pricing policy. However, it is not always possible to pay with a bank card.

    For such locations and nearby landmarks, you can get the
    best parking packages in Greece. They are sometimes even free of charge. On the islands, outdoor parking lots are frequently found in the city center.

  3. On-street parking

    Paid street parking operates according to a color system? they are identified by a “P” sign and an information plate and are restricted to three hours. A parking meter for payment is always nearby. Parking is permitted if the signage permits and there are no prohibitory signs. On the street, free parking may be found in dormitory districts and on the outskirts.

  4. Special Parking Complexes
    Multilevel or underground parking garages are generally found in city centers or busy regions. These are one of the major resources for Car parking services in Greece. They are slightly more expensive than outdoor options, but their rates are more flexible. Long-term parking will have the lowest costs. This option is useful for those who have lived in the same area for a long time and do not have a free parking spot nearby.

What are the parking payment procedures in Greece?

There are three ways to pay for the parking services in the Greece area:

  • The parking meter is the initial method of payment. They are always near the parking areas and accept banknotes, coins, and occasionally cards.
  • This is the easiest way of making payments for Parking lot services. The second option is to purchase a time-limited payment card. As on these cards, the proper time for activation must be erased.
  • The third option is to pay using specific apps made for parking payments.


Greece is a highly advanced and developed country that welcomes visitors. You will have no difficulties if you follow the rules and remain cautious, no matter where you are. As can be seen, there are no obstacles in both theory and practice. For car parking services, you can trust 5 Stars Parking, we are one-stop Car parking services in Greece. You can book our services at your very own convenience.

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